Teaching Kids life skills through the Love of Skiing

Kimberley Alpine Team teaches the essentials of skiing, ski racing, and ski safety while providing participants with a fun and memorable learning experience. Participants will improve their overall physical fitness and build confidence in their skiing abilities. Additionally, our group learning atmosphere enhances listening skills and goal-setting abilities, while fostering independence and sportsmanship.


Entry Level

These programs are the perfect mix of fun, skill development, safety and skier etiquette for kids who are just learning the basics or for those who are looking to improve their skills.  Programs are available for athletes aged 4-7 and 8-15.


Our Alpine programs focus on developing athletes that are confident, capable and versatile in all terrains and conditions.  Athletes in these programs train to compete in Slalom, GS, Super G, Downhill and Ski Cross.  Programs are available for athletes aged 8-11, 12-15 and 16+


Our Freestyle programs focus on developing all mountain shredders who will train to compete in moguls, big air, free ride and slope style events while also gaining some experience in racing and ski cross.

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