Teaching Kids life skills through the Love of Skiing

Alpine U16

COST: $2245

The U16 series prepares skiers to perform in the Learn to Race stage and are introduced to more intensive training and competition. The program provides a competitive series for 14 and 15 year olds – with benchmarking at the CanAm level (Western Canada and Western USA) – allowing them to test their skills against their peers at a regional level. The U16 program also develops ski-specific physical and mental skills and continues to develop the athlete's technical and tactical skills in Slalom, GS, Super G and Ski Cross.

This program offers a more competitive training environment and introduces athletes to a higher level of competition.  Building off the athletes love of training and personal progression, the U16 coaches work with the athletes to develop their own goals and personalized training plans.  With support from their coaches and peers, athletes are consistently challenged to expand on their personal best in a safe and supportive environment.  Athletes success and satisfaction at this level is attained by exceeding their own expectations and celebrating these achievements with their team!

All our athletes will take part in organized KAT Club Activity days as well as participate in organized competition through team and individual club events.  Fair play is promoted and recognized with awards for every competitor resulting in huge smiles and great memories.  At U16, athletes compete regionally at Kootenay Zone Races, provincially and regionally.  These events follow a more traditional competition format that promotes athletes to strive for personal success by awarding the top performers in each race.  Athletes spend an increased amount of time working towards their individualized goals and developing a love for training and personal development. There are many leadership opportunities at this level.

Program Overview

  • 45 days on the snow
  • Training every Saturday and Sunday starting mid-December 2023
  • Thursday night and Friday afternoon training
  • Athletes will compete at Kootenay Zone races and U16 provincial and regional events
  • For athletes aged 14-15 on or before December 31, 2023
  • All coaches are CSC certified