Alpine FIS

COST:  $1770

FIS is the highest level of competitive ski racing at the Club level.  A balance of training, competition, school, work, social activities and other sports is important in achieving success as a FIS athlete.  Athletes work with coaches to develop personalized goals and a traiing program that meets their personal needs as an athlete and individual.  Success at the FIS level can be defined in many ways but ofter revolves around future goals and long term plans

Following the Aim2Win document (ski specific long term athletic development plan from Alpine Canada) the FIS program works to develop confident skiers in all disciplines of alpine skiing.  Athletes in these programs traini in Slalom, GS, Super G, Downhill and Ski Cross races.  Athlets spend an increased amount of time in high intensity training environments that simulate competition.  Coaching staff push the athletes boundaries while mainaining a fun, safe and supporting environment.  Increased emphasis is placed on preparing the athletes to compete in  Western Canadian FIS races.  Success at this level is determined by athletes achieving the goals they set for themselves.  Striving to become a provincial or national team member is equally as valued as aspirations of becoming a working ski professional, attending university or just to become an all around great skier.  Although athletes goals and aspirations are different - every athlete that competes in FIS can call tehmselves an elite skier and athlete!

Program Overview

  • 60 days on the snow
  • Training every Saturday and Sunday starting mid December
  • Thursday night training
  • Friday training
  • Athletes will compete in Western Canadian FIS races
  • FIS is for athletes aged 16 or older on or before December 31, 2021
  • All coaches are CSC certified
  • Cost per FIS athete $1770 (includes $324 BC Alpine and SAIP fee)