Teaching Kids life skills through the Love of Skiing

Alpine Programs

Our Alpine Programs are for kids who love to ski fast!

Following the Aim2Win document (a ski specific long term athletic development plan from Alpine Canada) our alpine programs develop confident skiers in all disciplines of alpine skiing.  Athletes in these programs train to compete in Slalom GS, Super G, Downhill and Ski Cross races.  Focus is on developing athletes that are confident, capable and versatile in all terrains and conditions.  To achieve this we spend as much time in race courses as we do out on the mountain skiing groomers, steeps, powder, bumps, trees and jumps.  Cruising groomers on the front side, charging gates on the Dreadnaught and ripping down Antons are all essential in achieving our goal of creating athletes that love to train, love to compete and most importantly love to ski!

Alpine U12

Athletes enter U12 with a love for skiing and this programs goal is to expand that to a love for training.  Developing confident and versatile skiers is our top priority and as such coaches will continue to develop athletes all mountain abilities while introducing new race specific skills.  New concepts are taught while freeskiing and the coaches work with athletes to transition those skills onto the race course.  Focus is on developing athletes that are confident, capable and versatile in all terrains and conditions.  Cruising groomers, charging gates, ripping the bumps are essential to achieving the our goal of creating athletes that love training!

Alpine U14

This program offers a more competitive training environment and introduces athletes to a higher level of competition.  Building off the athletes love of training and personal progression, the U14 coaches work with the athletes to develop their own goals and personalized training plans.  With support from their coaches and peers, athletes are consistently challenged to expand on their personal best in a safe and supportive environment.  Athletes success and satisfaction at this level is attained by exceeding their own expectations and celebrating these achievements with their team!

Alpine U16

The U16 series prepares skiers to perform in the Learn to Race stage and are introduced to more intensive training and competition. The program provides a competitive series for 14 and 15 year olds allowing them to test their skills against their peers at a regional level. The U16 program also develops ski-specific physical and mental skills and continues to develop the athlete's technical and tactical skills in Slalom, GS, Super G and Ski Cross.

Alpine FIS

Unfortunately due to staffing challenges the FIS program for the 2023 season has been put on hold.
Please contact admin@kimberleyalpineteam.ca with any questions