Teaching Kids life skills through the Love of Skiing

Alpine U10

Cost:  $965

Athletes enter U10 with a good skiing background and our goal is to turn that into a technically solid alpine racing foundation.  We do this by introducing these athlets to every possible environment, terrain and condition ina fun and safe way.  Whether the conditions are perfect groomers, soft bumps, icy courses or knee deep powder our coaches use the mountian to facilitiate an awesome learning environment.  In U10 our philosophy is everyday on snow is a good day to learn!

Following the Aim2Win document (a ski specific long term athletic development plan from Alpine Canada) the U10 program works to develop confident skiers in all disciplines of alpine skiing.  At U10 our focus is on developing athletes that are confident , capable and versatile in all conditions.  Athletes in the U10 program will start competition specific training by gaining experience in Slalom, GS and Ski Cross courses.  All of our U10 athletes will take part in organized KAT Club Activity days as well as participate in organized competition through team and individual club events.  Fair play is promoted and recognized with awards for every competitor resulting in huge smiles and great memories.

Program Overview

  • 25 days on the snow
  • Training every Saturday starting early January 2023
  • Some Thursday evening and Friday training - dependant on access
  • Athletes will compete in club events, Nancy Green festival and Fairmont Helen Bavin Race
  • For athletes aged 8-9 on or before December 31, 2022
  • All coaches are CSC certified
  • Cost per athlete $965 (includes $85 BC Alpine fee)