Teaching Kids life skills through the Love of Skiing

Freestyle Programs

Our Freestyle Programs are for kids who love to go big!

Following the Freestyle Canada guidelines, our freestyle programs are designed ot develop confident and versatile freestyle skiers.  KAT coaches are not only highly qualified, they also have years of experience in developing all mountain shredders.  These programs train athletes to compete in moguls, big air, freeride and slopestyle events and also gain some experience in racing and ski cross environments to improve technical skiing ability.  Our freestyle coaches facilitate a fun and safe environment where athletes can push their limits and try new tricks.  You will easily spot our freestyle athletes out on the mountain, they are the one that make your jaw drop!

FUNdamenalz (10+)

Athletes enter the FUNdamentalz program with a good skiing background and our goal is to turn that into a technically solid freestyle base.  We do this by introducing these athletes to every possible environment, terrain and condition in a fun and safe way.  Whether the conditions are perfect groomers, soft bumps, terrain parks or knee deep powder our coaches use the mountain to facilitate an awesome learning environment.  In FUNdamentalz our philosophy is everyday on snow is a good day to have FUN and learn something new!

Northstar Freestylerz  (12+)

Athletes enter this program with a love for skiing and then we expand that to a love for training and competing.  Focus is on learning new freestyle skills specific to competitions and continuing to develop their all mountain abilities. Athletes will spend time training in competition style venues like our Mogul course and terrain parks.  Developing confident and versatile skiers is our top priority and as such we spend equal time in competitive training environments as we do out enjoying the mountain.

With all our programs we follow the principle of Safety, Enjoyment, Learning

Freestyle Videos

Are you wondering what Freestyle skiing is?  Here are a few videos from Freestyle BC that demonstrate what freestyle athletes do.

Freestyle BC - A Culture of Excellence

Timber Tour - Big White and Apex