Teaching Kids life skills through the Love of Skiing

Volunteer Opportunities

Inside for non-skiing/snowboarding parents

Hut Parent  

Requires a Criminal Record Check and a cell phone in case they need to contact coach/parent.

Duties include:  help inside the hut to make sure the kids clean up after themselves, help children put on gloves, boots etc, in hut if someone needs something.


Baking Cookies, Squares and bake goods

For our Club races we have BBQ’s we need parents to make desserts/snacks for them.  Please bring desserts to hut the morning of the event.


BBQ Helpers

Duties include: help set up tables, take food to location, cooking of hot dogs, restock food for kids/volunteers, help kids get food, tear down, clean up- put away extra supplies in hut and keep track of bbq stock. Need 5-8 people per event.



Duties include: making sure all events have paperwork/pencils/clip boards,  making up stickers for kids helmets, making up events lists for results per event, writing down results as each child finishes races,  putting kids in order for awards.

Outside - for skiing/snowboarding parents

Set Up Crew & Clean Up Crew

Duties include:  Setting up netting/gates/timing /getting course ready–with help from others, tear down equipment, slip the race course (to get rid of big piles of snow).

Course Workers

During the events we need people to help slip the course, be spotters on the course for safety and be around if we need anything moved or reset up. Need 5-10 people depending on the events.


Get the kids into the starting area and count down for a good start- very easy job and fun.

Start Area Helper

Parents to help get kids ready to race, check numbers and get them into lines.  Make sure start area safe and in good shape for all kids.


Parents on the race course to make sure it’s safe and help out if needed to put gates back into place.

Finisher & Finish Area Workers

Write down times, make sure timer is working keeping area clean and safe for kids.


Be on hill and help when needed to run something down/up the hill.

For more information please email admin@kimberleyalpineteam.ca