Teaching Kids life skills through the Love of Skiing

Entry Level U6/U8

Cost:  $625

Our Entry Level Program is for kids who love to ski!

We teach kids how to safely navigate the ski hill and introduce them to alpine and freestyle skiing.  Children will gain experience in free skiing, race courses, jumps, bumps, rail parks and ski cross tracks.    The coaches are all trained and certified and will ensure a perfect mix of fun, skill development, safety and skier etiquette.  Skiers will participate in organized competition through team and individual club events.  Fair play is promoted and rewarded with awards for every competitor, resulting in huge smiles and great memories. As a skier leaves Entry Level they will be fully prepared to enter into either our Alpine or Freestyle Foundation programs.

NOTE:  Athletes entering this program should be capable of riding lifts with assistance and confident skiing green runs unassisted.

Program Overview

  • Program information for the 2020-2021 season is coming soon

Registration will open in December 2020