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Grocery Card Program


This is the easiest fundraising you will ever do. You already get groceries, all you have to do is to change the way you pay for them.

We are encouraging each family to buys for $500.00 worth of grocery cards at the beginning of the season and hope that you will keep supporting the club throughout the year.

How does it work?

The club buys cards in bulk. Depending on the store and the total amount purchased, the club received between 5% and 10%. The club then sell those cards to members, friends and relatives at face value. The discount received on the grocery card sales allows us to keep our program fees low and is one of the biggest source of funding for the club.

What makes it a great fundraiser?

  • Parents don’t need to hit up friends and neighbors to buy stuff!
  • You are going to get groceries and gas anyway!
  • No extra cost to you, you get the exact credit amount you paid for.
  • Doesn’t required much work on the club’s part.

How does it help KAT?

  • Helps us buy new equipment.
  • Helps fund our local races & events.

About the card

  • Buy from Centex, Save-on-Food/Overwaitea, and Safeway.
  • Buy in different denominations.
  • Buy them all year around.
  • Get the exact amount in store credit that you paid for.
  • No expiration date.
  • No user fees or activation costs.
  • Can be used anywhere in Western Canada.

If every family spent just $100 at one of these stores each month of the year, this translates to $3,600 to $5,800 for KAT!

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