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Cheryl Group 2014-2015

Season 2016-2017 Is Now Opened!

Registration is now opened for the TIGER KATS, KOOL KATS, KRAZY KATS, and Christmas Camp. We are still working on the freestyle program and will let you know when registration will be opened for that program. If you are not a returning member, you can sign up for our newsletter to be informed when registration opens.

Family Discounts

We offer the following discounts on season programs:

  • $50 for the registration of two children,
  • $300 for the registration of 3 or more children.

Family discounts don’t apply to camps.

Discounts will be automatically calculated and deducted once the number of participants reaches two.

For other discounts and funding opportunities

Volunteer Bond

The purpose of implementing a Volunteer Bond Program is to encourage our members to become involved in the operation and the overall success of our programs and keep our costs down by avoiding hiring out for help! Every family will be required to post a Volunteer Bond of $250. We ask that families give their athletes 3 days of their time.

For more on volunteering

Grocery Cards

We are encouraging each family who signs up for a full season program to support our Grocery Card Fundraiser and purchase $500 worth of grocery cards. We sell these cards throughout the year and it is an easy and convenient way to help support our club.

For more on grocery cards and to order



A minimum number of participants is required for each program to run. If there are not enough participants to run a program, that program will be canceled. Participants will have the choice to join another program - pay or be refunded for the price difference - or to be refunded for the full amount paid for the canceled program.


The club strives to provide a safe and fun learning environment and reserves the right to cancel any session for safety or weather reasons.


You will be redirected to TeamSnap's registration system. Credit card payments will be processed by WePay. As WePay’s transaction fees (2.99% + $0.99) are passed on to the members, we also accept payments by cheque. If you choose to pay by cheque, sent it to our mailing address.

Athletes will not be allowed to participate in any program or event run by the club as long as the club has not received the payment for the chosen program.

If the program the athlete is registering for has already started or starts a few days after registration and you believe the cheque might not reach us on time via mail, bring it on the athlete’s first day to the Program Director or the Head Coach.

Should you encounter any problem during registration or have any question regarding the programs or the registration process, please get in touch with us using our contact form.


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 Noel Group

Ski Camps

Alpine Programs

TIGER KATS - January 7th, 2017

FAST KATS - December 10th, 2016

KOOL KATS- December 10th,2016/ January 7th 2017

Spring Camps

March 2017

Week 1: Tue 21st, Wed 22nd, Thu 23rd

Week 2: Tue 28th, Wed 29th, Thu 30th